Network Rail | Ambergate CCTV Installation

the challenge
Network Rail required several site monitoring systems to provide them with live video streams of their Ambergate rail site. These live streams would be used by Network Rail to attain a better oversight of progress, asses safety on site, and reduce site walkouts. The systems needed to be resilient enough to work in tough track side conditions. They would also require a battery or solar based power source, without any reliance on generators. This was because the camera locations were far from site access.

The systems also needed to utilise PTZ (pan, tilt and zoomable) cameras, so that Network Rail could remotely control the systems. This would enable them to focus on different areas of the site that they needed to see. The video streams would need to be transmitted over a secure 4G mobile network.

the approach

We met with staff from Network Rail to establish their exact site monitoring needs. This helped us give detailed advice and recommend specific CCTV products that fit Network Rail’s needs. Following this, we were able to tender for our offer and were successful in our bid. Network Rail’s acceptance of our offer was based not just of the success of our preliminary discussions, but also because of our successful and long running relationship with them. Moreover, Network Rail had first hand experienced the durability and reliability of our previously installed site monitoring systems.

Although the CCTV installation tender was a national one, the first site highlighted was Network Rail’s Ambergate work site. Our site visit was organised via the Doncaster S&C North Alliance. We were able to survey the site during a walkout, and have all equipment on site working within 48 hours.

We utilised four CCTV systems in total, which ensured that Network Rail had the site coverage they needed at an affordable cost. These systems were focused on a number of S&C (signal and crossing) turnouts and diamond crossings. Each system was battery powered, and was able to be carried on track by our engineers. As each system was battery powered, no infrastrastructure or cabling was required. Existing on-site structures were used for mounting our CCTV units, which made for especially quick install times by our engineers.

Additionally, we also installed one of our durable time lapse systems on site. This system was primarily used for film production purposes, as Network Rail were also keen to visually showcase Ambergate’s rail works as a production.

the result

Within 48 hours of Network Rail’s direct request, we had all of our CCTV units installed and fully functioning on their Ambergate rail site. Each system was battery powered, meaning no major infrastructure or cabling works were required for their install. Fast 4G mobile networks were used to transfer data from each system to our secure servers. From here data was sent directly to Network Rail’s designated control rooms. All live streams were accessed via a secure personalised login, so that Network had full control over viewing permissions. This also meant that staff could simply login to the stream from tablets, laptops and mobile devices alike.

Following the installation of our CCTV systems we’ve continued work closely with Network Rail, gathering feedback from staff on their experience using the live stream feeds. This will help us to continue optimising Network Rail’s site monitoring experience going forward.

During this project, we received exceptional feedback from senior staff within Network Rail, for not only organising the works within the timescales, but also for the quality of the systems installed. We look forward to working with Network Rail on many more CCTV installations going forward.

“Images are crystal clear, great work”
Neil Johnson – Alliance Director at S&C North Alliance

“It’s working brilliantly”
Rachel Cox – Project Manager at S&C North Alliance Doncaster

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