Network Rail | Halsey Farm Road Bridge Redevelopment

the challenge
As part of Network Rail’s vast Midland Main Line upgrade, Halsey Farm Road Bridge required major reconstruction. This reconstruction would ensure that it was properly strengthened so that it could support a second line, allowing for more efficient future train travel along the Midland Main Line.

We were commissioned by Network Rail to visually showcase their Midland Main Line project as whole. This included simultaneously filming several bridge redevelopments that Network Rail were carrying out along the line, including the reconstruction of Halsey Farm Road Bridge.

the approach

We worked closely with Network Rail to organise an initial site visit at their most convenient time. During this visit, we inducted all of our PTS staff into the site, carried out a quick site survey and captured some establishing shots of the site prior to any works.

Following this, we installed one of our durable time lapse systems on site. This system was battery powered, allowing for a quick and easy installation. We provided Network Rail with a unique client login which allowed them to remotely view images shot from our system. This meant that staff members could remotely view the Halsey Farm Road Bridge site from their laptops, or even phones! This saved the need for site visits on many occasions.

From here we continued to work closely with Network Rail to organise follow up filming shifts. Using their demolition and construction schedule, we gave our recommendations for what processes we felt would look most visually appealing. This was based off our extensive experience filming rail work. Network Rail then used our recommendations to help determine what processes would benefit from coverage by our film crew.

We then had our experienced film crew carry out three extensive on the ground filming shifts. These filming shifts focused on the demolition of the existing bridge deck along with the installation of a new one. Once all major work had ceased, we visited site one last time to decommission our time lapse system and carry out some final filming.

Despite capturing a wealth of footage and temporarily installing a time lapse system, we managed to carry out all site related activities for this project in under four days. This ensured that Network Rail were provided a cost effective service and that more budgeting could be allocated to filming other areas of their Midland Main Line project.

the result

During the project we provided Network Rail with a unique client login, which allowed them to remotely view images shot from our system. This login also gave them the ability to access an archive of previous images shot on the site. This allowed them to monitor the site from afar and use our time lapse system as a project management tool.

At the projects end we provided Network Rail with a first draft of the film. This gave them the opportunity to provide feedback and request any changes. Following a brief feedback session we handed over a final film to Network Rail. This film showcased the Halsey Farm Road Bridge redevelopment as a whole.

This film has since been used for promotional and marketing purposes, promoting Network Rail’s Midland Main Line project. Footage from this project will also be featured in the final Midland Main Line London to Corby summary film we’re producing for Network Rail.

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