G F Tomlinson | Advanced Manufacturing Building – University of Nottingham

the challenge 

G F Tomlinson required a high end production to showcase their construction of the University of Nottingham’s new Advanced Manufacturing Building. Located at the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus, this £23m facility would allow the university to broaden their teaching and make engineering more accessible to students.

We were commissioned by G F Tomlinson to produce the film based off our previous repertoire of work with them, as we’d previously showcased many of their other projects- such as their large sculpture installation at Derby’s Infinity Park.

the approach
Following some preliminary back and forth email, we had a meeting with staff from G F Tomlinson at their nearby offices. Here, we discussed our strategy in creatively tackling the project. This included our specifications for time lapse system installations and on the ground filming shifts. We also used this meeting as a chance to fully acquaint ourselves with G F Tomlinson’s construction schedule for the project. From here we gauged exactly what kind of film coverage G F Tomlinson were looking for, along with their budget and final specifications for the film.

Following this we carried out a site visit, where we surveyed the area and installed an initial time lapse system. This time lapse system was installed on a temporary lighting column that we erected. This time lapse system utilised a wide angle view to capture the construction site in near its entirety. We also used this opportunity to carry out some initial on the ground filming, to capture the remediation processes in more intimate detail.

Following this we continued to visit the site during key project milestones in order to carry out further filming. Many of these visits also required us to carry out interviews with key staff from G F Tomlinson and the university alike. This was because the final video had to explain a wealth of information to viewers, so we knew that these would be imperative as a narrative tool in the final film.

As construction reached just over the midway stage, we installed a second time lapse within the newly erected framework. This time lapse system aimed to capture the installation of the large interior staircase. From here our on the ground filming crew continued to periodically visit the site so that we could fully capture the final construction phases of the project. 

As the project reached post-production stage we continued to work closely with G F Tomlinson. We provided them with many early drafts of the film, so that there were oppurtunities to provide feedback. This ensured that the final production was an exquisite piece that they could really be proud of.

the result

During the project we provided G F Tomlinson with a unique client login. The enabled them to access live feeds of their work site, along with an archive of previous images shot on site. We also provided G F Tomlinson with interim films during the project, which focused on different site processes in more detail. For example, during the early stages of the project we completed a 2 minute promotional film which showcased the remediation works in detail.

Once the project we was completed, we delivered a final production to G F Tomlinson. This film showcased their construction of the Advanced Manufacturing Building and fully showcased the facility in its final form. This production has since been used by marketing purposes by G F Tomlinson and the University of Nottingham alike. Click here to learn more about the University of Nottingham’s Advanced Manufacturing Building. 

“Thanks to the Inside Out Group for doing such a great job and being patient and understanding through the process of organising different filming shifts, interviews and approval processes”
Tracey Swift – Marketing and Proposals Manager at G F Tomlinson 



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