Nottingham City Council | A52 CCTV Replacement

nottingham city council

The Challenge

As part of our city wide IP camera upgrade for Nottingham City Council, we were requested to replace one of their most difficult to access CCTV assets- a surveillance camera on the East Midlands A52 Boulevard. This CCTV replacement would involve removing the currently positioned analogue CCTV camera and installing an updated digital CCTV system. This digital system would also need to be assigned a new IP which matched the rest of Nottingham City Council’s CCTV cameras.

Situated in between 7 lanes of traffic and on one of the busiest interchanges in the city, the system was near inaccessible for maintenance. Accessing the system also required a 20 metre high MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform), which added to the difficultly of reaching it. Nottingham City Council requested us to replace the system during a road closure caused by Highways England works in conjunction with Forkers.

The Approach

Inside Out Group were able to offer a response to Nottingham City Council’s request within two weeks. During this time we obtained a high reach MEWP, installed all relevant Chapter 8 vehicle marking and completed all preliminary paper work. As with all of our technical work, we provided fully CSCS and IPAF trained staff to tackle the operation.

Although many lanes on the road were shut due to the closure, there were still some lanes open. This meant that work would still have to be completed alongside live traffic. To counter this potential safety issue, Inside Out Group used the innovative Intellicone system. This sensor-based system was attached to nearby worksite cones and barriers, emitting a visual and audible alarm whenever unauthorised access was detected. This gave staff time to move to a position of safety if required.

The Result

Inside Out Group successfully finished the CCTV replacement and configured all related networking assets within the 6 hour closure window. Uniquely, as part of this job it was discovered that the current broadband being used would be unsuitable to support new HD cameras. This was simply because the line wasn’t capable of delivering data at the speed required. So to resolve this issue, a Ubiquiti Wi-Fi linking device was installed during the operation. This device connected the CCTV system to a nearby traffic signal just over a kilometre away from the site. The Ubiquiti system then used this signal to provide sufficient connectivity to support the HD camera. This seamless upgrade also provided a reduction in long term costs, as the obsolete broadband cable can be safely removed. Click here to learn more about our initial network overhaul for Nottingham City Council, or click here to learn more about our network infrastructure and video surveillance services as a whole.



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