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the challenge

In 2013 Nottingham City Homes embarked upon the huge task of carrying out a sweeping redevelopment across two sites in Lenton, Nottingham. This innovative redevelopment would see the demolishment and subsequent replacement of five high-rise flat blocks and nearby housing. The end result would be 142 new, modern and affordable homes for families in the area. These would made up of flats, conventional houses and bungalows. This wide-scale redevelopment would be part of Nottingham City Council’s £55m ‘Building a Better Nottingham’ programme.

Nottingham City Homes required numerous time lapse systems to visually document the project over a three and a half year period. Along with this they required several experienced film crews to capture on the ground footage during various key project milestones.

the approach

We initially met with members of the council in person, so that we could be fully briefed on the works. We also used this meeting to gauge the councils requirements for this video, such as its required length and purposes. Following this we carried out a site survey, where we took some initial videos and photographs of the area. It was here that we started to identify key mounting points for our time lapse systems. These systems would be focused on capturing the first stage of the project- the large demotion of the existing flat blocks.

Following the installation of our initial time lapse systems, our experienced on the ground filming crew began visiting site to film the demolition and subsequent construction works in more intimate detail. Aside from conventional cameras, our film crew also utilised more unique filming equipment like slow-motion cameras and GoPros. This enabled us to utilise diverse and creative filming tactics, such as mounting GoPro’s on site diggers to capture unique perspectives of the project.

We also provided Nottingham City Homes with a unique online client login which allowed them to view the latest site stills shot from our time lapse systems. As the project progressed, we installed more time lapse systems which focused on capturing the construction of the new houses and flats.

the result

We provided Nottingham City Homes with numerous time lapse videos throughout the project. Each of these showcased recent processes that had taken place on site. These films were used for marketing purposes, allowing the council to visually showcase aspects of the project to clients and customers alike.

Upon the projects completion we provided Nottingham City Homes with a complete production that showcased the project from start to end. The film has since been used for marketing and promotional purposes, picking up large amounts of traction online and showcasing Nottingham City Homes’ commitment to building high end, affordable homes for Nottingham.



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