Network Rail | Ford End Road Bridge Redevelopment

the challenge

Network Rail’s large scale electrification of the Midland Main Line required the redevelopment of the Ford End Road Bridge in Bedford. The bridge’s redevelopment would be in order to accommodate new 25,000 volt overhead line equipment. As a member of Network Rail’s Framework for Media & Photography, we were selected to visually showcase the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge.

Network Rail required a durable time lapse system to be installed for the duration of the redevelopment. This stand alone system would be supplemented with several on the ground filming shifts by our experienced film crew. These filming shifts would capture key project milestones in more detail. The final outcome would be a promotional film to showcase the project to a wider audience.

the approach

After emailing back and forth with Network Rail, we organised a site survey. Here we were properly inducted into the site and became familiarised with the project’s schedule. The site survey also gave us time to establish a key mounting point for our time lapse system. We also took the opportunity to capture some preliminary footage of the bridge before works took place. Following our site survey, our creative engineers installed a durable time lapse system on site. This system overlooked the bridge, providing a complete view of the works.

From here we continued to work closely with Network Rail, carrying out several filming shifts during the demotion and rebuilding of the bridge. To ensure that we offered Network Rail an affordable service, we recommended that we utilise a single person camera operator for each filming shift. This was simply because our site survey established that the site was actually quite small and manageable in size.

When it came to shooting, our camera operators utilised a blend of conventional cameras, slow motion cameras, time lapse capture and GoPro’s. This was to ensure that viewers of the film were provided with a lot of visual variation and given a unique perspective of the Ford End Road Bridge redevelopment. We continued to work closely with Network Rail during post production stages, providing them with early drafts of the film to allow plenty of time for their feedback.

the result

During the project we provided Network Rail with a unique client login which provided them with a live feed of images shot on site. This login also allowed them to view images previously shot on site, with various playback options such as time lapse loops. This meant that Network Rail staff could manage the project and asses its progress without ever needing to step on site.

After post production reached completion we provided Network Rail with a 4 minute production showcasing the works in full. The final film utilised a dynamic mix of footage shot through a variety of methods. The film was released by Network Rail across numerous video sharing and social media platforms, gathering over 10,000 views within a day of release. The film is now used by Network Rail for promotional and marketing purposes.



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