GF Tomlinson | iHub Sculpture Installation

the challenge

In 2015, Derby’s Infinity Park saw a new, state of the art centre of innovation come to fruition, a facility known as the iHub. In charge of its construction was Derby based construction company GF Tomlinson. We were contacted by them during their construction of the new facility, and asked to film and time lapse the installation of a new sculpture that was going to be part of the iHub new facility. The sculpture itself was a dynamic piece called ‘Blades’ by award winning architectural and sculptural metalworker Chris Brammall. This sculpture was compromised of two blades, both reaching a significant height of 18.5 metres.

the approach

After some initial calls back and forth, we made the journey down to the iHub itself, to meet with GF Tomlinson and establish the kind of film coverage they required. For this project they required a dynamic mix of on the ground filming and time lapse filming to showcase the erection of the ‘Blades’ sculpture. Following our meeting with GF Tomlinson we immediately carried out a site survey, which helped us pinpoint some key areas to film and time lapse the structures installation from.

Overall, the project required three days of filming. The first would show the ‘Blades’ sculpture be wrapped and prepared to be transported from Chris Brammall’s Cumbria based workshop, to the iHub in Derbyshire, while the second day of film of filming would be dedicated to the erection of the sculpture at the iHub. The final day of filming, which took a place a few months after the previous shoots, was for the purpose of capturing the ‘Blades’ sculpture alongside the completed iHub facility, as the facility was only partially complete during the erection of the ‘Blades’ sculpture.

the result

We worked closely with GF Tomlinson during early post production stages, providing them early drafts of the film so that they could provide valuable feedback, so that we could truly deliver a final product which exceeded expectations. The final three minute film, which documented the transportation and installation of the sculpture, was met with exceptional feedback from GF Tomlinson. The film has since been used for external purposes by a multitude of businesses, promoting the iHub facility and GF Tomlinson. For more information about the iHub facility visit



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