We have a wealth of experience in CCTV installation, having installed hundreds of systems from small 4 camera setups, to city wide surveillance systems with control rooms and 400+ cameras.


We always focus on meeting the needs of our clients. To ensure this is achieved, we have detailed discussions at the design stage to establish what’s expected from the system. We then use our in-depth of knowledge of CCTV installations to choose the right products for you.

At all stages our work is carried out to meet our NSI Gold accreditation and ISO:9001.

Our CCTV systems now include, as standard, HD cameras, which (if internet is available) can be monitored from your phone or mobile device to review live cameras and past footage.

Our CCTV installations can also cover your specific needs, such as:

  • Rail side approved systems
  • Remote monitored systems with audio talk back to identify intruders
  • Rapid deployment battery cameras
  • 3G or WiFi surveillance (which can help to reduce cabling costs)

If you have a CCTV system in place, but feel it is in need of an update, we can advise you on this and make the necessary changes to bring your security up to speed as part of our CCTV upgrade programmes.

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