Willmott Dixon Interiors | Old Admiralty Building Chiller Installation

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THE challenge

Willmott Dixon Interiors required coverage of their installation of two 9 tonne chillers at the Old Admiralty Building, in Westminster, London. This installation would be carried out as part of their CAT B fit-out and refurbishment of the Old Admiralty Building. The significance of the operation itself would be its challenging nature. Notably, the two 9 tonne chillers had to be accurately placed within two steel portal frames while avoiding live overhead communication cables on site. Willmott Dixon Interiors would also be assembling the crane on-site within a few hours- a visually impressive feat.


We consulted with Willmott Dixon Interiors to establish their filming requirements and budget. We also discussed the chiller installation process in more detail. This was to ensure that we would be familiar with the on site processes happening on the day of installation, meaning that we could get the very best shots for Willmott Dixon Interiors.

After carefully listening to Willmott Dixon Interior’s filming needs, we opted to utilise a single person camera crew for filming. This ensured that an affordable filming service was provided which fitted Willmott Dixon Interior’s budget. With the site being relatively self contained too, we were confident that a single person camera crew would be sufficient.

When it came to filming, we utilised a range of conventional filming, time lapse cameras and GoPros. This ensured that we thoroughly captured the event from every angle. Both the lifting operation and filming were wrapped up within a day. Following the filming of the Old Admiralty Building chiller installation, we quickly moved into post production stages. We worked closely with Willmott Dixon Interiors throughout post production, providing them with early drafts of the film in order to attain feedback.

THE result

Willmott Dixon Interiors were provided with a final high quality film showcasing the chiller installation. The Willmott Dixon Interiors Old Admiralty Building Chiller Installation film has since been used for marketing and internal purposes, showcasing Willmott Dixon Interiors’ efficiency in carrying out large scale and challenging projects.

Take a look at the full Willmott Dixon Interiors Old Admiralty Building Chiller Installation film below:



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