Network Rail | Wellingborough North Junction Christmas 2018 Works


Network Rail required two films to showcase their Christmas 2018 works at Wellingborough North Junction, both timed for a release over the Christmas break. These works consisted of track redevelopment, which would enable higher train capacity on the line from London- an increase of 5 to 6 trains per hour. Network Rail required a preliminary film to be produced and released on the 27th of December, along with an extended final film to be produced once all Christmas works had been completed on the 2nd of January.


We communicated back and forth with key staff from Network Rail to establish their filming requirements for the project. We used our trackside knowledge to discuss the programme in detail, and recommended a cost effective shift pattern that would cover all the works. Despite the works including key holiday dates, we were able to offer teams on Christmas eve, Christmas day, Boxing day, and other shifts throughout new year.

With important work on the Wellingborough North Junction site happening 24/7 over the Christmas period, we advised Network Rail to also utilise our time lapse systems on the site. This would ensure that any site activity was recorded by these systems in between filming shifts. This would also enable Network Rail to use these time lapse systems for site monitoring purposes, allowing key staff to view the site live from mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

With the works around Wellingborough North Junction covering such a vast area, it was agreed that three time lapse systems would be installed on the site. To provide Network Rail with even more variation in film coverage, we suggested repositioning each of the systems as the Christmas works at Wellingborough hit the mid way point. This would ultimately give Network Rail six different unique time lapse video angles from the project.

We visited site for the first time to carry out an in-depth site survey, following which we installed our durable time lapse systems. This was carried out during a night shift, with a rail possession in place to ensure our engineers were safe. Thanks to prior in depth discussions with site staff from Network Rail, we were able to carry out the survey and installation in the same shift, reducing cost and time on site.

Thanks to thorough prior planning, all on site filming shifts were completed smoothly, despite some minor changes in the programme throughout. From here we moved to post-production stages, editing together a provisional film over boxing day, which was approved for release the same day. Additional shifts and editing were completed over the new year period, with the project’s final film being on released on the 2nd of January.


Our remote cameras and filming provision worked together well, and were able to accommodate a large site over a long programme for a relatively limited cost. Our teams PTS qualification meant that we were able to provide single person crews that could work safely under the site COSS and keep our filming as efficient and affordable as possible. The film was well received by the public, gaining over 40,000 views within a week of release. Our remote cameras were also used for site monitoring purposes by hundreds of staff, ranging from Network Rail management staff to various stakeholders looking to monitor the works.

We hope the works continue to move forward, and we look forward to filming additional sites on the Midland Main Line upgrade, throughout CP6 (2019 onwards).

“The team from Inside Out Group provided an exceptional level of service in undertaking the necessary filming works over Xmas 2018 at Wellingborough North Junction. Stringent deadlines were imposed from our various stakeholders and nothing was a problem. Several clips were provided at critical times during the works so that strategic press releases could be made by our communications team. I would thoroughly recommend Inside Out Group and look forwards to working with you again on the L2C project”
Chris Buxton – Project Manager at Network Rail



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