Inside Out Group supports Network Rail in excelling UK Railway

Inside Out Group have had a busy few months installing Rail CCTV systems for Network Rail all over the UK. Find out how our CCTV systems are helping to excel Network Rail's service and handback speeds.

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UK Rail Infrastructure manager Network Rail have always been finding new ways to improve Britain’s Railway, and their recent push for CCTV on rail is a testament to that. As a member of their purchasing frameworks (under the RISQS Railways Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme), Inside Out Group began installing CCTV units on Network Rail’s sites in 2018. These included key S&C work sites such as Holloway (London) and Peterborough, along with various junctions as far north as Scotland. These systems have already seen great benefit to Network Rail, allowing them to view progress against programme, and instantly review any delays. Not to mention, the CCTV systems are also being used to better examine the performance of newly completed rail work, helping Network Rail to further improve the quality of future works and installations.

Network Rail are now trialling the use of a national control room in Birmingham, which is connected to our newly installed CCTV systems all across the country. This control room will help further improve their site monitoring capabilities and rail cctvCommenting on the new control room and CCTV installations, Steve Featherstone, Programme Director for Network Rail, said…

“The new control room is a step change in our use of technology. It is helping deliver a better service for the routes which benefit passengers and freight customers. The CCTV images help us learn how to improve the quality of our installations which in turn enables us to have higher hand-back speeds, avoiding passenger disruption after engineering work.”

Alongside site monitoring and surveillance, our new CCTV systems have also been doubling up as affordable time lapse solutions for Network Rail. Thanks to crisp HD recording, we’re able to take footage directly from our CCTV systems to produce time lapse centric films. These films don’t just serve as great promotional pieces for Network Rail’s projects, but also help staff further evaluate projects upon completion.

We’re proud to be supporting UK transport with our new CCTV systems. We look forward to continuing our work with Network Rail and reaching new heights in the rail industry, throughout CP6 and as part of our working relationships with the alliances and principle contractors across the industry.



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