8 Reasons to Use Time Lapse on your Next Rail Project

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Time lapse photography has been in existence for decades, with its roots tracing back to the late 1800s. Our extensive experience includes the production of numerous time lapse projects specifically for the rail industry. One notable example is the Network Rail | South Livingston Redevelopment, where we captured the entire project’s evolution. Through our expertise in time lapse photography, we documented and visually highlighted the various stages of the redevelopment from commencement to completion. This successful project serves as a testament to the effectiveness and significance of incorporating time lapse techniques within the rail industry.

Time lapse photography has become an essential tool in the rail industry, offering a unique and captivating perspective on the progress and transformation of rail projects. From documenting construction timelines to generating marketing interest and enhancing safety monitoring, there are numerous reasons to consider using time lapse on your next rail project. In this blog, we will explore eight reasons why time lapse photography should be incorporated, showcasing its effectiveness and significance in the rail industry.

Documenting Progress

Using time lapse photography for rail projects enables you to document the progress of construction or maintenance work. As time lapse captures images at regular intervals, it offers a visual record showcasing the evolution of the project over time. This visual documentation proves immensely valuable for monitoring the project’s timeline, ensuring adherence to schedules, and identifying any challenges or bottlenecks during construction or maintenance phases.

See Your Rail Project Unfold

Condensing days or months of work into a short video, time lapse photography enables a comprehensive overview of the project’s development. Your rail project unfolds and progresses right before your eyes, highlighting crucial milestones and providing a unique perspective on the transformation of the rail infrastructure.

Create a Historical Record

By capturing key moments and stages of the project, time lapse photography serves as a testament to the planning, execution, and successful completion of rail projects. This historical record not only showcases the impact on transportation infrastructure but also provides a visual narrative of the construction or maintenance process, allowing for future reference, analysis, and improvement.

Marketing Purposes

Time lapse photography serves as a powerful marketing tool in the highly scrutinised rail industry.

Positive Facebook Comment on Time Lapse

Captivating Videos and Gifs

By documenting rail projects through time lapse, captivating visuals of the project’s progress can be shared. Repurposing time lapse footage into engaging gifs or sharing condensed videos generates significant interest and traction. These visuals have the potential to go viral on social media platforms and on video sharing platforms such as YouTube, providing widespread exposure for the rail industry and for your project specifically.

Showcasing Expertise and Excellence

Utilising time lapse in marketing efforts allows the rail industry to highlight its expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Successful project completions can be effectively demonstrated, emphasising efficiency and high-quality standards. This visual marketing approach significantly enhances the industry and company’s reputation, attracting potential clients, investors, and customers.

Easy to Install

Installing time lapse systems for your rail project can be a relatively straightforward process, offering convenience and flexibility.

Finding the Best View

To achieve the best view, time lapse systems can use existing structures within the rail project or install their own columns and scaffold towers. This adaptability allows for capturing ideal vantage points to document the progress effectively.

Power Options

Time lapse systems offer diverse powering options such as solar power, battery power, or mains. This versatility ensures uninterrupted recording throughout the project. Compared to other surveillance systems, time lapse systems require only a single camera or device for installation, simplifying the process.


The use of time lapse videos in the rail industry ignites a sense of appreciation and excitement among stakeholders. As they observe the transformation of rail infrastructure, from bare ground to fully operational systems, they develop a deeper understanding of the effort, skill, and innovative techniques employed by project teams. This heightened appreciation and fosters a sense of pride and enthusiasm about the project’s progress.

Below is a great example of the level of engagement from one of our time lapse cameras:

Enagagement on Timelapse Camera

Training and Development

Time lapse serves as a valuable tool for training and development in the rail industry, offering insights into construction processes as well as highlighting how challenges were overcome.

Case Studies

Time lapse photography presents a unique opportunity to create comprehensive case studies that document the entire construction journey, highlighting the challenges encountered and the corresponding solutions implemented. These case studies serve as invaluable resources for training and development, enabling future rail professionals to learn from real-life scenarios and adapt their approaches accordingly. Additionally, these case studies also serve as effective marketing tools for SEO purposes and can be used for marketing purposes. Our case studies can be found here.

On-demand Access

Time lapse systems offer secure client login options, providing stakeholders with the ability to access project footage at any time. This feature allows for convenient monitoring and evaluation of the project’s progress, ensuring transparency and fostering effective communication among project stakeholders. Time lapse systems allows project managers to gain an overview, enabling them to address any potential concerns promptly.

Health and Safety

Time lapse systems play a significant role in enhancing safety monitoring practices within the rail industry. By capturing the construction process, project managers and safety personnel can closely analyse the site’s activities, identify potential hazards, and implement timely preventive measures. This proactive approach improves overall safety standards and reduces the risk of accidents or incidents.

Recorded by Trained and Accredited Experts


To uphold the highest standards of professionalism and quality, time lapse recording should be performed by agencies and staff who hold accreditations such as RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) accreditation, which provides additional reassurance of their expertise and adherence to industry best practices.

Additionally, they should possess CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and PTS (Personal Track Safety) Engineering credentials. These certifications demonstrate their competence and expertise in their respective fields, ensuring that the time lapse recording is carried out by knowledgeable professionals who understand the specific requirements and safety protocols of the rail industry.

At Inside Out Group, we hold all the accreditations needed with all our staff RISQS and PTS accredited, in addition to being CSCS, IPAF and PASMA trained. We are also an ISO 9001 accredited business.


Time lapse photography offers immense benefits to the rail industry, providing a visual record of progress, creating captivating marketing materials, and enhancing safety monitoring. Its ease of installation, engagement potential, and applications for training and development make it a valuable tool for rail projects. With installation by trained and accredited experts, time lapse photography ensures that important milestones and challenges are captured with precision and professionalism. Incorporating time lapse techniques in your next rail project will not only document its progress but also elevate its impact and success.

Why Inside Out Group

We provide specialised time lapse filming and photography services for rail projects across the UK. Our in-house team is fully CSCS accredited, and all staff hold Personal Track Safety for the rail industry, and as a company we hold Construction Line Gold, RISQS, Builders Profile Premium and ISO9001 accreditations ensuring high-quality and professional work, every time.

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