Opus Trust Marketing | Epic Enclosing Machine Install

opus trust marketing

the challenge

We were contacted by Opus Trust Marketing, who required a short promotional film showcasing their new Pitney Bowes Epic Enclosing Machine. The film would need to primarily focus on the installation and subsequent use of the enclosing machine. This film would also symbolise Opus Trust Marketing’s growth and evolution as a business. Notably, they required both filming and photography to be carried out. Much to their delight, we were able to supply both these services within a very affordable package.

the approach

We emailed back and forth with Opus Trust Marketing, to clarify key details and organise filming at their easiest convenience. For this project we implemented two half day shifts- these would be sufficient to capture both the installation and use of the machine. Because of the films relatively small subject, we were also able to implement a single person crew for both shifts. This helped Opus Trust Marketing minimise costs for both our filmmaking and photography services. Following filming and photography, we immediately moved into the post-processing stages of the project.

the result

Following editing, we put together a first draft of the film for viewing and feedback. After some minor changes, we bought the film to completion. The film is now used by Opus Trust Marketing for promotional purposes, and the film serves as a fine example of their growth, evolution and capability as a business. We then provided Opus Trust Marketing with a set of high quality photographs which showcased the enclosing machines’ installation and use.



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