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the challenge

In September, McGovern Crane Hire took on an ambitious project- to lift two 22 tonne generators into Birmingham Children’s Hospital. For this task a cutting edge Demag AC220 crane was used, due to it’s IC-1 Plus control system. This control system used isometric riggers to allow for a higher capacity work range with less counterweight than the typical crane. McGovern Crane Hire approached us for our video production services, as they wanted to creatively showcase the quickness and efficiency of the AC220 crane. The project was joint funded by McGovern Crane Hire and Demag.

the approach

We’d previously worked with McGovern Crane Hire, and were able to carry out a phone based consultation with some of the various contacts we’d communicated with on previous jobs. From here we shared back and forth communication via email, to clarify project details such as the project date, scale of the project, their budget for the film, along with other details. We decided to utilise a two person crew, which would comfortably cover all the filming requirements for the project.

Once filming commenced, our experienced camera operators utilised a variety of conventional film, GoPros and time lapse to capture the project. Conventional cameras were used to capture more intimate and detailed scenes of processes within the project, along with a fundamental interview with the lifting manager on site. This interview would serve as a structural narrative for the film, giving more elaboration to the viewer on the processes taking place. Time lapse capture was implemented to provide a wholesome view of the project and showcase it’s swiftness and efficiency. GoPros were mounted onto the Demag AC220 crane along with the generators being lifted, to capture unique footage of the lift as it took place. A big challenge that we had to work around for with this project was the limited space on site. This was a challenge which was shared by McGovern Crane Hire. However the limited space also worked well for the projects’ intent, as it helped showcase how small a space the Demag AC220 crane could operate efficiently in.

the result

After we finished filming the project, we moved onto the post-production stages and began editing the film together. We delivered an initial draft of the film to McGovern Crane Hire, to gather feedback and make further content adjustments accordingly. After completing some minor adjustments, we were able to deliver McGovern Crane Hire a final version of the film. As Demag were also a project partner, we edited together an alternate version of the film for them, which leaned more heavily on their branding. Following the delivery of these films, the project was bought to a close. The films have since been used by McGovern Crane Hire and Demag for marketing and promotional purposes. For more information about McGovern Crane Hire click here. For more information about Demag click here.

“Using Inside Out Group was as a great decision and they made a brilliant final piece, they really conveyed the story well.”
Kieran McGovern – Contract Lifting Manager at McGovern Crane Hire



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