Danaher & Walsh | Charter Street Footbridge

danaher & walsh

the challenge

Danaher & Walsh required a high quality production to showcase their innovative installation of the Abbey Park Charter Street Footbridge. The bridge, once installed, would connect Leicester’s Abbey Park to Leicester City Centre and other surrounding areas. The operation itself would be rather sizeable- Danaher & Walsh would utilise a 1,000 tonne crane to carry out the installation. The project also carried a lot of social and cultural importance many of Leicesters’ citizens. 

the approach

Following their initial email enquiry, we carried out various phone consultations with Danaher & Walsh. These consultations helped us clarify and determine various details regarding the project and its filming. In particular, we enquired into key messages the film needed to communicate, along with any specific filming requirements. After considering the information given, we decided to implement a two person crew when it came to filming the installation. This was enough to insure that we could adequately capture the installation and accompanying interviews.

Although the installation of the bridge would only take a day, equipment preparation would require a separate half day of work prior. With this in mind, we ensured that we also filmed these preparation stages, as we felt they would be beneficial to include in the film. However, to ensure that we were providing Danaher & Walsh with a cost effective service, we only utilised a single filmmaker over half a day for this task. This made particular sense considering that equipment preparation was not a key focus for the film.

When it came to capturing the project as a whole, we utilised a wide variety of conventional filming and time lapse photography. We also carried out interviews with staff from Danaher & Walsh and Leicester City Council. These interviews would provide more information about the project and serve as a general narrative for the film.

the result

We put together a first draft of the film for Danaher & Walsh to deliver feedback on. After some content adjustments, we bought the film to a close and delivered a final version of the film. Danaher & Walsh have since used the film for marketing and promotional purposes. Since it’s completion, the project has picked up traction in the media- and the film has proven to be a highly shareable content piece. More information about this project can be found by visiting Danaher & Walsh’s case study for the project.



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