Network Rail | Midland Main Line Upgrade | London To Corby Summary Film


Network Rail required a full production to showcase their Midland Main Line Upgrade project to a wider audience. Specifically, they required the film to focus on the various works done between London and Corby. Filming all of these different works would require simultaneous filming across multiple rail sites. Network Rail also required 3D Models producing as part of the film. These would be used as a method of showcasing the various changes each rail structure had undergone.


We met with key Network Rail staff to consult them on their filming needs for the project. We also used this opportunity to inquire about the projects overall work time line. This helped us establish a better understanding of which works were happening at different times, and organise filming dates with Network Rail which worked around these. After establishing Network Rail’s filming requirements and budget, we began to plan a long term filming strategy with them, to ensure that we had complete coverage of the project.

With many of the bridge redevelopment operations undergoing long term changes, we decided to install several of our durable time lapse systems to capture these works as a whole. From here we organised individual filming shifts to capture some of the site processes in more detail. This ensured that larger bridge redevelopments, such as Halsey Farm Road Bridge and Irchester Viaduct, had a wealth of film coverage. When it came to capturing smaller-scale works, such as the interior development works on Sharnbrook Tunnel, we utilised separate small filming shifts.

As part of this production Network Rail would require a range of 2D & 3D graphics. These would be used to illustrate the changes each bridge had undergone over the course of the project. We used a combination of in-house and outsourced talent to produce a a range of complex 2D & 3D graphics. During the post production phase we provided Network Rail with early drafts of the film, and made adjustments according to their feedback. This ensured that we could work closely with them and produce a final production that they could be proud of.


We provided Network Rail with a final 3 minute production which showcased the Midland Main Line Upgrade as a whole. Network Rail have since used the film for marketing and promotional purposes, showcasing the works to the general public. The film has effectively helped showcase the project to the affected public, showing the benefits of the Midland Main Line Upgrade.



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