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colt construction

the challenge

Colt Construction needed film coverage of their redevelopment work on the Leeds Station South Concourse Improvement project, alongside reliable site monitoring video services. Although they were a well established and reputable construction business, Colt Construction were lacking high quality video in their rich media advertising arsenal. This meant that they weren’t able to fully showcase their well trusted and specialist services to potential clients and partners.

With Colt Construction’s redevelopment work on Leeds Station including a visually exciting roof redevelopment, we felt the project was well suited for film coverage. Our primary goal in working with Colt Construction was to fully showcase their construction and demolition work through time lapse and conventional film production.


With the filming request being on short notice we had to mobilise quickly to install our time lapse systems on site before major works began to occur. After a back and forth email consultation we visited site to carry out a brief survey. Here we identified two elevated mounting points for our time lapse systems which would ensure our systems had a wholesome view of site. Following our survey we installed two of our durable time lapse systems on site.

Colt Construction were provided a unique client login for viewing their project which included a live feed. This same client login also enabled them to securely view an archive of previous images shot on site, helping staff monitor project progress. Colt Construction’s live client login also allowed them to download still images and generate time lapse videos for marketing and internal meeting purposes.

As the project reached its first major milestone- the removal of the old roof trusses, we deployed a single person film crew to film Colt Construction’s work in more detail. From here we began work on a preliminary film for Colt Construction which showcased their removal of the old roof trusses.

the result

Inside Out Group’s quick response time and mobilisation saw us deliver reliable high end filming and site monitoring services to Colt Construction. Our reliable time lapse systems are now continuing to capture Colt Construction’s work on the Leeds Station South Concourse Improvement Scheme, allowing staff to view the project’s progress from afar with their secure client login. Moreover, our first major milestone film for Colt Construction has helped showcase their world-class construction and demolition services to potential clients and partners. The film has since been shared and promoted by UK Rail Infrastructure Manager Network Rail.

“We contacted the Inside Out Group on short notice for a project at Leeds Station and their mobilisation on site was very quick and efficient. Their time lapse systems were very professional and effective for the project.

The systems have been working in fine order and we have managed to capture everything we have planned to capture on the project so far. In addition to these time lapse systems Inside Out Group were also asked to film on site and create a short rail video which they produced superbly and issued in a very short time scale.

Overall we would say Inside Out Group group are very efficient, very professional and provide a good service in a short period of time, providing support throughout”
Bill Gill – Construction Manager at Colt Construction


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