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Melius Homes required filming coverage for their construction of a new housing development at Derwent Way, York. Developed in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, this unique housing development emphasised townhouses designed for sustainable greener living. Each townhouse, designed by Studio Partington, utilised a highly engineered timber cassette system to help ensure low energy bills for homeowners.


We held an initial consultation with key staff from Melius Homes to gauge their exact filming requirements and budget. From here we offered a range various filming solutions which matched their specifications. Melius Homes opted to utilise one of our durable time lapse systems, which would capture the construction of one of the townhouses in full. Melius Homes also opted for a single day of on site filming to capture the works in more detail.

Following this, we organised a site visit with Melius Homes. Our experienced system engineers visited site and were able to carry out a site survey and system installation within a single visit. To add minimal disturbance to the project, we installed a battery powered time lapse system. This required minimal cabling and no external power source. We provided Melius Homes with a online client login, which allowed them to remotely view images shot from our system. This login also gave them access to an archive of previous images shot on site, with added time lapse playback options.

From here we sent one of our experienced camera operators to site who carried out a day of filming. This filming visit was mainly focused around capturing the house assembly works in closer detail. Our camera operator was also able to capture a range of high quality stills during this visit.


During the project Melius Homes were able to use their online client login to remotely view all images shot from our system. This allowed them to monitor the site from afar and use our time lapse system as a project management tool.

Following filming we provided Melius Homes with two high quality films. One of these was a full 3 minute film showing the entirety of the works, while the other was a shorter 30 second promo film. Both films have since been used for promotional and marketing purposes, showcasing Melius Homes‘ Derwent Way Housing Development.

“Inside Out provide a first class service at a competitive price. We’re extremely pleased with the time lapse film of our new homes project in York and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Robert Lambe – Managing Director at Melius Homes

Take a look at our Melius Homes Derwent Way Housing Development promotional film:

Take a look at our Melius Homes Derwent Way Housing Development shorter 30 second promo film:



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