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Another positive step for the S&C South Alliance as CP6 approaches

After working with the S&C South Alliance on projects such as Willesden North Junction, Gloucester Station S&C renewal was another opportunity to further strengthen their voice through video media.

The S&C South Alliance has been working really hard to research, develop and implement greener methods of working. We took on the challenge of producing a separate ‘Fuel Free’ video alongside the main case study.

The case study would focus on the core enabling works concentrated at one end of Gloucester Rail Station.  The ‘Fuel Free’ video would discuss the main measures adopted that aim for the goal of cleaner power generation and, ultimately, a work site free from fossil fuels.


The benefits of pts & cscs accredited film crew

Once green-lit, we quickly got in touch with contacts both from the core-works team and at Gloucester Station (which is operated by Great Western Railway). We recommended three time lapse systems after our site survey in addition to our on-the-ground filming service.  This way we would have ample coverage spread across the entire six-day line blockade.

It is important to communicate the collaborative nature within the Alliance as well as the breadth of activity. Our solution to produce interview led videos comes with its own challenges, unique to a rail work site. Approached as three single-person film crew shifts, it is vital that we remain light enough to mobilise across the entire site at any moment. At the same time, we must also carry all the equipment necessary to record the audio and video at the high standards we are known for.


inclusive videos as a tool for the rail sector

In many sectors video media is growing as a tool for service providers to engage with their customers or end users. The UK rail industry is no different. There is a larger focus than ever before on putting the passenger first. Bodies like the S&C South Alliance recognise the value of videos aimed at informing rail passengers and line-side neighbours.

Furthermore, we edited subtitled copies of the Gloucester Station videos. Inclusivity is an important consideration and we are always happy to discuss ways in which client videos can be made so.

Ultimately we produced three video edits. The Case Study, the Fuel Free video and an extended interview with GWR Communications Manager, Renny Jones.

“I really love both videos and I want to thank you for your work on these.”

Sarah Fraser – Project Manager  |  Network Rail


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