Story Contracting | LEC1-9E Regent Canal Renewal

The Challenge

Story Contracting approached us to showcase a major rail bridge replacement on Camden’s Regents Canal. They wanted a video that demonstrates their ability to deliver complex rail projects on time and within budget. The project spanned multiple 24 hour days and was made more challenging by the tight centralised location and underlying waterway. Story tackled a variety of works across a short rail possession.

Such works included: removing 200m of track, 300 tonnes of rubble , installing a new deck and girder as well as a new switch and crossing unit.

The Approach

We knew the multitude of works commencing simultaneously would make for a demanding shoot. Shooting needed to take place in the day and night to convey the breadth of works. To broadly cover the works we employed the use of a multi-camera setup. We utilised three timelapse cameras shooting continuously over the duration of the project, covering the bridge removal and replacement.

To supplement the timelapse footage an ‘on the ground’ shooting team operated over four shifts. This team captured the detail of works, literally from the ground up, showcasing the hard work of the whole Story team. Additional drone flights helped portray the context of the surrounding city scape and scale of the boom crane.

The Result

The multi-camera setup resulted in a range of footage. We sent a first draft edit to Story shortly after completion of the bridge replacement. Story were impressed with the footage, however they wanted a change in the style of the edit. They had a particular vision and we were more than happy to oblige. After some back and forth our editors sculpted the footage into a video that aligned with Story’s vision. We’re both very happy with the end product.

Finally, a big thank you to the entire Story team for their collaboration on the project.


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