Cleveland Modular


The Challenge

Cleveland Modular came to us with the desire of putting together a comprehensive filming project showcasing 5 modular containers. They wanted start to finish coverage of the 8 week construction and interior build. Furthermore, they required a showcase of the finished containers, both the interior and exterior. Showcasing was particularly important in order to exhibit the stand out features they have to offer over regular modular cabins. Fully furnished office spaces, conference/meeting rooms, ethernet and 4G capability were just a few of the standout features on the list to show off. Photography was also requested to aid Cleveland Modular with website content creation.

The Approach

Our team came in with a long term strategy aiming to meet Cleveland Modular’s needs. At the beginning we mounted a timelapse camera at their site down in Essex. This camera captured the entire exterior construction process without constant site visits. To add depth to the construction process we organised two on the ground filming shifts. This also enabled us to capture interior footage allowing before and after comparison. To showcase the finished interiors and exteriors, we sent a film/photography team to the site once construction ended. This team gathered final shots and footage of the pristine containers and their unique features.

In addition to the ‘on the ground’ camera team, drone flights took place during and after construction. These drone flights provided dynamic footage, adding more depth and scope to the video as well as a few nice aerial snaps of the site and modular containers.

The Result

Cleveland modular worked collaboratively with us throughout the filming process, ensuring the capture of all the necessary elements to create a film that matched their aspirations. We are very thankful to their marketing team and especially their head of marketing Alexandra Chapman for her constant cooperation over the course of the project.

“Towards the end of 2022, I was tasked with the challenge of finding a company that offered an end-to-end filming solution. I struggled to find someone who offered timelapse, drone filming, photography, and conclusive walkthrough footage. that was until I found Inside Out Group; from initial discussion with Jake to working with Josh and George, the entire process has been pain free and perfect. The guys work to an impeccably high standard. Our site was a HS2 site so strict PPE regulations were a must; that was no problem for the team, the early starts weren’t an issue either! We have only seen a draft of the final footage but, we’re already blown away with it!”

Alexandra Chapman – Digital Marketing Manager at Cleveland Group


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