Why you should use Time Lapse Video to showcase your project

time lapse video
Creating engaging video content to showcase your latest project can be a challenge. In this post we'll explain why Time Lapse Video might be the key to pushing your video marketing to the next level.

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It can be tough to get a new project off the ground. Capturing the attention of potential investors and consumers is pivotal for a new project’s success. There’s a huge array of marketing methods out there: we’ve spoken before about the effectiveness of Video Marketing– but finding the right recipe for effective video can be a challenge for many businesses looking to advertise their latest project.

Well, Time Lapse Video might just be the simple formula for engaging video content that you’ve been looking for. Here’s why.

It’s Visually Engaging

High quality video content for businesses in 2019 is key, but ineffective video content- not so much. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the video content your business is posting is engaging. Time lapse videos are the true eye candy of video content, the format can make even simple and mundane processes look visually appealing. This is because the format allows for on screen changes to happen far faster than they would in real time, producing a unique visual effect which will keep audiences engaged.

For example, as part of our film coverage of the Main Stand Expansion of the Anfield Stadium we created a time lapse video which showcased the expansion from start to end. We then created different variations of this time lapse video with varying length. This meant that followers of the thisisanfield Twitter account saw the below time lapse on their social media time lines. Who’d have thought you could make a basic stand expansion look so fun? Fun fact: our full time lapse centric production for this project now has over half a million views on Youtube.

It can tell a story in a matter of seconds

The story behind your project can be a major selling point to audiences.

In fact, one of the key reasons we started specialising in time lapse nearly a decade ago is that we understood the power that time lapse video had in telling a story.

A few years ago we filmed Nottingham’s NET Phase 2 project, the extension of Nottingham’s existing tram network. Although the project itself was a positive push for better transport in Nottingham, it did cause a lot of local disruption at the time. The meant that many members of the public weren’t too enthusiastic about the project.

We began working with Nottingham Express Transit to film the project and directly showcase the hard work being done, while emphasising the benefits of the project as a whole. To do this we installed our durable time lapse systems on their different working sites, producing dynamic time lapse videos which showcased months of work at a time. These time lapse videos were then distributed by Nottingham Express Transit via social media.

These videos were received so well and did such a good job at picking up public attention that BBC East Midlands actually covered our filming work on the project, further showcasing the initiative.

In this case our time lapse videos were so successful at positivity promoting the initiative because they told a story to the public. They effectively showcased the major infrastructure changes being done behind the scenes, which as a whole were highly positive for the future of Nottingham.

It’s Quick-To-Digest Video Content

Your average consumer is scrolling through their web browser at a fast pace, and their attention span for video content isn’t all that high. For example, when it comes to social media feeds, slow paced video content rarely outperforms punchy and shorter video content when it comes to viewer retention.

Time Lapse content is typically just that, shorter, more visually interesting content. Unlike most conventional video, time lapse video can tell a story or show an event within just a few seconds.

Moreover, the versatile format of time lapse videos means that retiming them to target different web platforms is an easy feat. For example, you could speed up your existing time lapse video to produce more concise videos for social media platforms, while using an extended video for your website landing pages and/or video sharing sites like Youtube.

The above time lapse shows the complete construction of Nottingham’s BioCity facility from 2015 to 2017. We were commissioned to film the entire construction by Willmott Dixon, who’d been assigned to be the principal contractor on the job. The final film produced for the project featured a mixture of conventional footage and time lapse, clocking in at around 3 minutes.

Although we did post the full film to our Youtube and Vimeo channels, when it came to consistently promoting our work on the project across social media, we found that the shorter and more compact time lapse video above was more effective when it came to click though rates and overall post interactions. This was because the time lapse was simply faster acting and was quicker at seizing audience attention. It might not have showcased as much as the full production overall, but on social media platforms where audience retention time is minimal, it did a far better job at quickly telling a story and effectively promoting the project.

If you’re planing on showcasing your project with a time lapse video, we’d strongly recommend that you use a trusted and reliable time lapse system provider such as ourselves. This is because when it comes to long term time lapse projects, durable systems are required to properly protect cameras, withstand weather conditions and provide a consistent picture. We have over a decade of experience when it comes to installing industry leading time lapse systems for major businesses such as Rolls Royce and Network Rail, so we should be your first choice!


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