Our video production team specialise in showcasing your business, project or event with a range of different dynamic filming methods.

Our on the ground film crew utilise a vast array of cinema cameras, time lapse, sound and audio equipment, along with drones and cutting edge 360 virtual reality technology to capture a level of detail that you may not get out of our long term time lapse installations. We’re not afraid to risk an SLR or GoPro for the right shot- hence why we never hesitate to attach our range of GoPros to the top of cranes, the side of vehicles, or even underwater. We’ll ensure that we showcase your project from every angle and capture intimate levels of detail.

We have engineering experience as well as being PTS, CSCS, IPAF, and PASMA accredited, allowing us to gain access where other film companies can’t, and ensure that everything we film on site meets the highest health & safety standards.

If you’re looking for something long term, we can install one (or more) of our remote managed systems, as part of our time lapse filming. However for maximum coverage of your business, project or event, we always encourage our clients to utilise our cutting edge on the ground filming services also, as the two services integrate together flawlessly.

We are experts in creative post-production techniques; including writing our own music in house to guide your audience along your video, with rises and falls to tie in with milestones. You could even extend your message using our in house animation techniques and 3D modelling to display stylised statistics or hand drawn illustrations to bring out the best in your project.

Our clients trust us, and as part of our term relationships we can also serve as a stand alone editing team, editing together promotional material and showreels for minimal cost, using the library of footage we have acquired through previous filming.

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