Helping to provide Nottinghamshire’s first public CCTV traffic map

nottinghamshire traffic map
We've worked with staff from Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council to help produce Nottinghamshire's first live CCTV traffic data map! Read more below.

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We’ve collaborated with staff from Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council to produce Nottinghamshire’s first live CCTV traffic data map. This map utilities footage from 150+ CCTV systems to give users a clear view of traffic around Nottinghamshire.

live traffic updates on the go

nottinghamshire traffic map

This new CCTV traffic map means that citizens of Nottinghamshire can accurately see traffic build ups in different locations and know where to avoid when traveling. Click here to try the Nottinghamshire traffic map for yourself!

How it works

So how does Nottingham’s first traffic data map work? Well, it’s pretty straight forward- every minute a new image is taken from each of Nottinghamshire’s 150+ CCTV systems, which are all managed by us at the Inside Out Group. These images are then sent directly to the CCTV traffic data map, where they appear next to their corresponding map position.

Thanks to a complete network overhaul carried out by the Inside Out Group, all images are quickly transferred via a secure private network. This means that users can rely on the traffic map being up-to-date. All CCTV systems on the traffic data map are personally overseen and maintained by us at the Inside Out Group, so any technical issues that arise can be quickly fixed.

We also provided Nottingham City Council with a management interface which they can use to control their CCTV cameras. This ensures that in the case of urgent incident management CCTV streams can be quickly cut and managed in-house.

another milestone for inside out group

We are thrilled that our recent network overhaul and CCTV upgrade for both Nottingham City & County Council have helped contribute towards such an innovative project. Click here to try the Nottinghamshire traffic map for yourself!

To learn more about our video surveillance and network infrastructure services visit our Technical Solutions page

Alternatively take a look at the below case study to learn more about the recent network overhaul we carried out at Loxley House, for Nottingham City Council.



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