Limit Site Occupancy with Paxton’s Net2 Access Control System

Paxton’s Net2 occupancy management feature means that businesses can limit occupancy at each area of their site, helping make workplaces COVID-secure.

paxton access control

control site occupancy with the net2 system, the latest in Paxton Access Control

During these challenging times it’s essential that businesses are operating in a COVID-secure fashion, with government guidelines now requiring employers to carefully examine their workplace to ensure effective social distancing can take place. Paxton’s latest Net2 occupancy management feature is designed to help businesses with just that, allowing them to easily manage and reduce the flow of people on their site. 

paxton access control

With the Net2 system businesses can set maximum occupants per room, or apply occupant restrictions to their site as a whole. Once maximum occupancy has been hit, the access control system will automatically block new entries until the premises is back under maximum occupancy. Paxton’s Net2 access control interfaces will also show occupancy levels at all times, so staff are always aware how close to capacity each site is.


paxton access control



The Net2 system also has traffic light integration to clearly indicate if an area is at maximum capacity, with the benefit being that they can be seen from afar. This can be a great additional tool for businesses to use to ease on-site congestion.



Net2’s new occupancy management feature, combined with its hands free access control and CCTV integration make it a leading choice for businesses looking to create a secure and safe environment for staff. We’re proud to be a Gold Installer of Paxton access control products, including the dynamic Net2 range. Get in touch today to have the Net2 range installed at your site, or learn more about our paxton access control installation services here.

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