Timelapse Photography in The Construction Industry

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Timelapse Photography – An Overview Lets talk about timelapse photography and what exactly is that? Firstly, what is it used for? Really, the best use of timelapse is to show, in a relatively short space of time,  something that in fact took a much longer amount of time to capture. This is why classic subjects […]

8 Reasons to Use Time Lapse on your Next Rail Project

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Introduction Time lapse photography has been in existence for decades, with its roots tracing back to the late 1800s. Our extensive experience includes the production of numerous time lapse projects specifically for the rail industry. One notable example is the Network Rail | South Livingston Redevelopment, where we captured the entire project’s evolution. Through our […]

Construction Photography: Our 6 Top Tips

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Introduction Construction photography serves multiple purposes, including documenting project progress, facilitating effective project management, enhancing marketing and PR efforts, enabling clear client communication, assessing design elements, aiding in legal and insurance matters, and preserving the historical significance of construction projects. By capturing images throughout the construction process, professionals can create a comprehensive visual record, track […]

Drone Flying and Filming Laws in the UK

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In recent years, the use of drones has reached an all-time high, with a projected increase to over 900,000 drones operating in the UK by 2030, according to PWC. The drone filming laws in the UK were introduced to address concerns regarding privacy infringement and data protection. With the increasing accessibility and prevalence of drones […]

How Much Does A Time Lapse Video Cost?

How Much Does a Time Lapse Video Cost? This is a question we get asked so often we thought it was time to answer it. Of course, price matters and we get that completely. It might even dictate whether you commission time lapse videography for your next project whether that’s a construction, rail, demolition, infrastructure […]

8 Reasons to Use Time Lapse for your next Construction Project

What is Construction Time Lapse Video? A construction time lapse video is a visual recording technique used to document the progress of a construction project over a specific period; ideally documenting the construction project from start to finish. As projects are generally completed over months or years, the time lapse video provides a record of […]

Time Lapse vs Hyper Lapse – The Key Differences

In the realm of photography and videography, two powerful techniques have emerged as captivating ways to showcase the developments of a wide range of projects: hyper lapse and time lapse. Whilst they appear very similar to the untrained eye, they each have some key differences. In this article, we’ll go through what a time lapse […]

Time Lapse Meaning: Enhancing your Project Showcasing

As companies working on large-scale projects look for innovative ways to showcase their projects, time lapse photography and videography has become an increasingly prominent tool for just this. But what is a time lapse, and how can it help these companies achieve their goals? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the meaning […]

The Difference Between CCTV and Time Lapse

Whilst CCTV cameras provide surveillance for security and theft protection, Time Lapse cameras help to attract investors and new clients by showcasing the progress of a project over time, condensing a series of images from a long-term project into a short, impactful video. Sometimes getting the project off the ground is the hardest part. Whilst […]

Announcing the launch of our new website!

We’re very happy to announce that our new website is now live, featuring a newer modern design and improved site navigation. We always want to ensure that our site users have an easy experience navigating to the services that they need, and our new website is all about making the user journey as simple as […]