Willmott Dixon | LCO Conference Film 2017

willmott dixon

the challenge

We were approached by Willmott Dixon’s Hitchin construction office, who invited us to create and deliver a video concept that  referenced both the mindset change and growth of the team. The purpose of the film would primarily be internal to Willmott Dixon; specifically a series of conferences would showcase the film and serve as a marker in the professional development of teams and individuals alike. It was important that the film communicated the improvements made in delivering projects and building relationships with customers. Moreover, the film needed to represent a deliberate, conscious evolution from a previous narrow minded bias to a holistic and open one, which embraces feedback and new challenges.

our approach

We initially engaged in an email consultation with Willmott Dixon, where fundamental project details were clarified. These included Willmott Dixon’s aims for the film, along with some initial concepts and key ideas that they had formulated. Following this, we visited Willmott Dixon’s Hitchin office for a face-to-face consultation. It was here that the main concept for the film was tightened and plans were formulated for the films production and delivery.

A core film concept outlined at this meeting was for the film to revolve around a Willmott Dixon employee as he carries out his daily work at Willmott Dixon’s Hitchin office. The idea behind this was for the employee to experience the workplace changes at Willmott Dixon’s Hitchin office for himself as he carries out his day to day work. Our ‘three-to-four minute’ film would be microcosmic of the changes Willmott Dixon employees have embarked on over the previous two years. We chose to use symbolic props and colours as a visual shorthand to introduce and reinforce the concept themes. This would be implemented to represent the increase in overall positivity in Willmott Dixon Hitchin’s working environment.

The project itself was very different in nature to the work we usually are commissioned for and excel at. The deliberate approach presented a new set of challenges. In particular auditioning, casting and directing actors is well outside of our standard requirements. One of our key strengths is working with people however, and thanks to our methodical and meticulous planning, handling actors across several locations proved to be much more enjoyable than challenging. Our meticulous approach threaded through our pre-production process; storyboarding, scriptwriting, prop procurement and casting. We worked closely with Willmott Dixon throughout the pre-production process, inviting feedback and making adjustments accordingly.

Shooting for the film was carried out over a two-day timetable and at three locations. Our cast of talented actors represented various demographics within the ranks of a Willmott Dixon construction office, and this was key to the success of the video. Our emphasis on pre-production gave us the best opportunity to translate script and storyboard to the production Willmott Dixon required. Our previous experience and professional attitude while filming solidified the concept and delivered on our promises to the client.

the result

Following this we moved onto the post-production stages, where the film was edited and a first draft was delivered to Willmott Dixon, Hitchin. From this we invited feedback and made the requested minor adjustments. By being thorough right from the initial concept drafts we were able to time manage this project very well, meeting both internal deadlines and importantly, of course, the deadline given to us by Willmott Dixon. Much to our delight, the final production was received very well by the delegates at several different Willmott Dixon conferences. Perhaps the greatest compliment came from feedback suggesting that employees actually got more from the video the more times they watched through it.



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