S&C North Alliance | Belford 125mph Handback

the challenge

In 2016 one of the most challenging rail projects in the UK was undertaken by the S&C North Alliance- a powerhouse partnership between rail infrastructure managers Network Rail and AmeySersa. The aim of this project was to deliver the UK’s first 125mph full line speed hand back speed on a S&C replacement site. We were commissioned by AmeySersa to document this innovative project and produce a film which could showcase the Belford 125mph handback to the UK rail industry.

our approach

We held initial consultations with AmeySersa to discuss the project’s details, such as the project’s schedule and key messages they wanted the film we were producing to convey. We felt that combining numerous on the ground filming days with our PTS qualified film crew and installing several time lapse systems on site would provide full coverage of the project. We divided our film crew’s time between capturing the works in action and also carrying out interviews with key staff members, so viewers could learn more about what had gone into the groundbreaking project. We worked closely with AmeySersa to organise these filming sessions, being as flexible as possible as to not disrupt their busy project schedule.

the results

Upon completion of the project we presented AmeySersa with an initial draft of our film which showcased the project, inviting them to let us know about any content and design changes that they wanted making. Following this, we brought the final Belford 125mph handback film to its completion. Much to our satisfaction, both AmeySersa and Network Rail were thrilled with the final film and it has since been used by them for both internal and external purposes.

“We needed a compelling film to capture a milestone project and were really happy with the result. The Inside Out team met our brief creatively, were flexible and easy to work with throughout. The film was really well received, thank you.”
Lindsey Jones Communications Manager – S&C North Alliance



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