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the challenge

As part of Nottingham City Council’s ‘Go Ultra Low Nottingham’ initiative to support the uptake of ULEV’s (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles), we were asked to produce a film with the aim of promoting the use of ULEV’s within Nottingham. The council required the film to focus on current ULEV owners in Nottingham and the film would be titled ‘EV Champions’.

our approach

We initially held a number of meetings and discussions with Nottingham City Council. This was so that we could fully understand their aims for the EV Champions film and any key themes that they required to be present in it. From here, we worked together to envision how we could practically go about meeting this vision and outlined a general film structure we could utilise. The council required 3 days of filming with 3 different ULEV owners in separate locations within Nottingham, so our plan was to use a 2 man film crew who would divide the day between shooting establishing shots of the featured ULEV cars and owners and then carrying out interviews with the owners.

These establishment shots would not just serve as a way of introducing the different featured ULEV’s, but would also demonstrate how these different ULEV’s were integrated into the users every day tasks, with just as much ease as petrol and diesel cars. We were able to capture many diverse shots of the different ULEV’s in action thanks to a custom roof mount we created which supported one of our C100 film cameras. This roof rack was attached to one of our partner vans and was connected to a Ronin stabilisation device which held the camera. The Ronin stabilisation device was controlled by the one of our filmmakers (the vehicle passenger) via a remote control. As they also had a portable monitor that was connected to the camera via HDMI, this meant they could monitor what was being filmed and adjust the Ronin stabilisation device accordingly via the Ronin Controller.

The interviews with the owners would revolve around how they were first introduced to ULEV’s and how they now are integrated their lives. We created in depth story boards and interview question sheets to ensure that we were as organised as possible during the limited filming time we had for each day.

the results

During the editing process we sent across numerous drafts of the EV Champions film to Nottingham City Council to attain feedback on the edit in progress. This also gave them time to finalise the information they wanted to feature in any captions that would be in the edit. We worked smoothly with the council to ensure that the final production was something that they felt was a strong promotional piece for the presence of ULEV’s in Nottingham households. The film has since been used for external purposes and has served as part of the ongoing portfolio of work we have produced for Nottingham City Council.

“Working with InsideOut was a breeze and the guys were very efficient and professional. Discussions beforehand really helped to develop our ideas and their range of equipment and expertise allowed those ideas to become a reality in the final product which we couldn’t be happier with. We hope to work with them again in the near future”
Oliver Eley – Transport Strategy Officer at Nottingham City Council




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