Anfield Stadium | Main Stand Expansion

the challenge

In 2015, the expansion of the main stand of Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium began. This expansion would provide an extra 8,500 seats, taking the main stands capacity to over 20,000 and increasing the overall capacity of the stadium to around 54,000. We were commissioned to film this innovative and lengthy construction project from start to finish, with the aim of capturing key project milestones. Around the clock time lapse coverage was required alongside various on the ground filming days with our experienced film crew, to give a more intimate look at key construction processes.

our approach

We became involved with the project at it’s earliest stages, looking at key processes happening over the course of the construction schedule. From here we carried out a site survey to assess different key site features and hazards. Following this, we installed several durable long term time lapse systems on the exterior and interior of the Anfield Stadium, which would stay up for the entire duration of the project. We then proceeded to carry out numerous on the ground filming sessions during the project to capture key construction processes in more detail.

the results

We provided the client with a unique client login, which allowed them to view time lapse footage from these systems from any time period during the project. They were able to use this service to download monthly time lapse films which showed the projects progress. During the project we also produced films showcasing key parts of the project, such as the ‘Truss Lift’ film– which documented the lifting of the 650 tonne roof truss onto the top of the stadium. Upon completion of the project, we provided the client with a final Anfield Main Stand Expansion production which showcased the entirety of the project. This film, among with the others we produced for this project, have been met with very positive feedback and have proved very popular, gaining nearly a million views over multiple video sharing platforms.

“Inside Out provided a fantastic biopic of the new Main Stand build, visually documenting our works on this prestigious and popular project and worked very well with the project team and our client throughout.”
Andy Burcher – Construction Manager at Carillion



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