Network Rail | Nightingale House


The Challenge

Create a showcase video for Network Rails new Leicester depot, ‘Nightingale House’. The intention of this video was not simply to showcase the new depot. Network rail also wanted to highlight the high street environment standards which the depot was being constructed from, including the benefits of building it to these standards. The video also needed to provide background detail on the decisions which led up to the construction of Nightingale House.

The Approach

We used a single operative to record media on this project. They were deployed at the depot to capture of all the improved facilities using the Cannon R5 Mirrorless Camera. Along with recording the interior’s, a drone flight took place utilising the DJI Mini 3 Pro to capture a few aerial shots of the whole depot.

To add exposition about the depot’s construction, our operative recorded two interviews. One with the project manager and the other with the lead business change manager. Interviews are always a great way to show the faces behind a project and discuss the details in a more engaging way than using a basic voiceover or graphics.

The Result

Our operative captured some beautiful shots of the interior and exterior of the depot. In the edit, we combined the b-roll shots with the interview dialogue to create an in depth explanation about the construction principles and benefits of the new building. We then sent the first draft to Network Rail.

Network rail came back to us with some alterations to the interview dialogue which is a very common and easy request for us to remedy. Furthermore, they needed some information adding which wasn’t recorded in the interviews. A simple cost effective way for us to add that to your video is through an on screen infographic. This is exactly what we did for this video.

Upon editing the interview dialogue and adding the infographic we sent off a second version to Network Rail. They loved this new edit and signed off on a final 4k render.

As always, it was a pleasure making this video for Network Rail and we look forward to working with them again as we have done so many times before.

“This video is great! Thank you so much.”

Helena Brennan – Lead Business Change Manager – Network Rail – Rail Investment Centre of Excellence





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