NET | Phase Two Expansion


The Challenge

Nottingham based tram operator ‘NET’ came to us with the challenge of creating a video to showcase their phase two expansion.This expansion brought new ticketing systems, a larger fleet of trams, many more available destinations as well as creating new landmarks for the city.

The video needed to be informative, demonstrating the improvements and additions to the tram network. Furthermore, it needed to convey it’s benefits to the people of Nottingham as well as show the overall achievement of the expansion.

The Approach

As the subject of the video was the network expansion itself, we set about collecting a variety of b-roll showing the new destinations and features of the network. It was our plan to splice this with general footage of the city of Nottingham.

To retain viewer engagement a variety of techniques were employed when shooting the footage including:

  • Timelapse
  • Hyper-lapse
  • Sliding camera moves
  • Close ups

This footage was shot over a series of a few weeks across Nottingham due to the time consuming nature of recording both timelapse and hyperlapse.

The Result

The quantity and quality of all the captured b-roll allowed for plenty of flexibility in the edit. During the editing process we made the decision to supplement the footage with a series of graphical elements. These graphics were mainly facts, figures or statements about the expansion which were then composited on top of the footage. This would make the video more informative and provide a strong narrative. We chose graphics instead of voiceover due to their versatility.

This video went through a few iterations as we honed in on NET’s precise vision. After some back and forth through great communication on both sides, we settled on a version they were very happy with.


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