Keltbray | Market Gate Bridge


The Challenge

Capture the construction of Market Gate Bridge, a £12 million project created by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council taking just over a year to fully complete.

The decision to film the construction of Market Gate Bridge was driven by Keltbray’s desire to create a visual narrative that would serve as a record of their work. The project aimed to showcase the engineering complexities, and capture the bridge’s integration into the town’s fabric. The construction site was a bustling, dynamic environment with heavy machinery, moving parts, and constant changes. Filming in such conditions required careful planning to ensure safety while capturing critical moments. The bridge construction site also had limited access for safety reasons. Coordinating with construction teams and adhering to safety protocols while obtaining crucial shots would be a logistical challenge.

Furthermore, construction was set to take place over a year so communication with the Keltbray team would be vital to capture the different phases of construction.

The Approach

Upon some discussion with Keltbray’s team’s, we came to the verdict of breaking the filming down into 3 separate visits. The first visit to capture the lifts of the main structure of the bridge. The second visit as a progress update to show the glass lifts being assembled and one final visit to show the completed bridge just before it was opened to the public.This filming structure ensured that filming activities did not interfere too much with the construction process. Regular communication and collaboration with stakeholders facilitated a harmonious working relationship.

An on the ground camera and zoom lens recorded the details of the work, with drones used to capture dynamic aerial shots, providing a unique perspective of the construction site. This technology helped overcome access restrictions and showcased the bridge’s integration into the town’s landscape.

The Result

Filming the construction of Market Gate Bridge presented a set of unique challenges that demanded creativity, adaptability, and effective collaboration. Through careful planning, technological innovation, and communication, the production team successfully overcame these challenges. The finished film serves as a compelling visual documentation of the bridge’s construction journey.

The final product of videos and photographs is brilliant. Furthermore, the on site project delivery team have consistently commended Inside Out attendees across each visit”

Chris Withers – Head of Business Development, Keltbray


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