Network Rail | Carno Viaduct


The Challenge

Network rail contacted us regarding the creation of a media piece. A video demonstrating their commitment to increasing the resilience of the railway structures along the Cambrian line. The chosen showcase project was a 16 day blockade renewing the Severn and Carno viaduct. It was our task to create a compelling piece of media which communicated their commitment to the renewals, interlaced with themes of environmentalism and efficiency.

The Approach

For the project’s media budget, we determined that two shifts of on the ground filming would hold the most value. One shift to capture the works in progress: the replacement of the beams and pontoon setup. A second shift for the finished viaduct and interviews of the project team. Both filming days employed a multi-camera set up with two DSLR cameras and a DJI drone for location and aerial shots.

We maintained constant communication with our Network Rail media contact Callum Jones throughout the project to track progress and ensure the vision for the video stayed consistent.

The Result

Once filming on the project wrapped, we began the collaborative editing process. Sending draft edits to Network Rail for review and continuing to update the video. After some back and forth, we settled on an edit which encompassed all the desired themes. Network Rail were well satisfied with the end result and have already hosted a press release using the video footage we provided.

“Amazing video, really happy how it turned out”

Callum Jones – Media Relations Manager at Network Rail


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