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CCTV upgrade programs

Our CCTV upgrade programmes help to bring these up to date and in line with modern legislation.

In particular, we have experience in the below CCTV upgrades:

  • Control room upgrades

    Removing old CRT monitors to put in place modern LCD displays, helping reduce operator fatigue and energy usage. This is all done at night to reduce obstruction to normal working procedure.

  • HD upgrades

    Replacement of cameras and recording equipment to allow full HD (or higher) capture with the existing cabling remaining in place, thereby drastically reducing cost. The new recorders are easier to use and can be installed as part of a staged migration to ensure no gaps in coverage, and allowing operators and staff time to be trained on the new system.

  • Remote monitoring

    Expanding an existing system to include alarms which can be monitored by a remote alarm receiving centre. This can reduce the need for physical guards and offset the cost of the upgrades, as well as ensuring a more thorough CCTV presence.

  • Removal of legacy equipment

    Some 3rd party manufacturers lock clients into long standing agreements, often with equipment which can’t be upgraded. We can look at programmes to upgrade equipment to open it up to use with any manufacturer, using converters or plugins to keep as much original infrastructure as possible to reduce costs.

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