Kingsway Army Reserve Centre


The Challenge

Produce a video for the East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (EMRFCA) showcasing their new vehicle workshop opening event at the Kingsway Army Reserve Centre.

Within the video, we were tasked to convey the new benefits of the centre and what it means for the army reserves:

  • A modern design
  • Leisure equipment
  • Helping to improve recruit retention
  • Training facilities

Another integral component of the video would be to capture soundbites from stakeholders on the project. Furthermore, the EMRFCA were keen to capture the prestige of the event and what this new building means to all involved.

The Approach

The event was only a few hours long, so we knew getting a substantial bank of footage in that time would be challenging. We opted for a two man on the ground filming team to ensure we had ample coverage of the new vehicle workshop and event around it.

Both our operatives used the Cannon R5 mirrorless camera to record stunning 4K footage. However, they chose to rig their cameras in different ways. We kept one camera static on a tripod for capturing soundbites and composing still shots. The other camera was rigged on a DJI RS3 gimbal to capture dynamic moving shots in slow and regular motion.

Two different camera setups creates variation in the visuals and in our experience, improves viewer engagement.

The Result

We spent a good amount of time editing the footage from the event together. Our contact, Stuart Thorpe, was involved in shaping the video. He wanted to make sure it communicated the right message and themes required for their target demographics. In addition, Stuart was keen to make sure the new facilities looked as flashy as possible.

This video was a joy to edit. The combination of moving slow motion and well composed static video shots came together really well. We peppered a few soundbites across the video, whilst also giving the footage of the new vehicle workshop time to breath. After a few revisions and tweaks from Stuart, we came to a final edit that ticked all EMRFCA’s boxes.


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