GF Tomlinson | Heart of the Campus

the challenge

We were contacted by GF Tomlinson, who had just finished their construction of the Heart of the Campus pavilion at Nottingham Trent University. They required a promotional film which showcased the cutting edge pavilion, focusing on its innovative design and features. The Heart of the Campus was comprised of several state of the art buildings, built to inspire and educate staff and students for generations to come. The construction of the pavilion was one of most supported projects in the history of the University, so we were thrilled to have to opportunity to be involved.

our approach

We held some initial consultations with GF Tomlinson to guage what kind of film coverage they were looking for and if they had any specifications for the film, such as length and key themes. Since the construction of the pavilion was already complete, we knew that site accessibly was going to be much more flexible than what we were used to in other construction and rail projects.

We concluded that sending out two of our experienced film makers for one day of on the ground filming would be enough to capture the footage needed. We ensured that they were well equipped with an array of cameras for shooting conventional footage and time lapse photography. Thanks to the freedom of space that was available when it came to film, our film crew were able to carry out a very creative and thought out shoot.

the result

After post production reached completion we provided GF Tomlinson with a film showcasing the works in full. The final film utilised a dynamic mix of footage shot through a variety of methods. GF Tomlinson and Nottingham Trent University have since used the Heart of the Campus film for promotional purposes, showcasing the innovative pavilion to a wide audience. This project served as part of our ongoing body of work with GF Tomlinson.To learn more about GF Tomlinson’s construction of the Heart of the Campus facility click here.



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