Cott Beverages | Story of a Bottle

the challenge

In 2015 we were approached by worldwide carbonated soft drink supplier Cott Beverages, who expressed interest in us producing a promotional film for their distribution houses in the UK. More specifically, they were looking for a short and creative film to give consumers and clients a sneak peak into some of the unique packaging processes that take place in these distribution factories. The specified filming location for this film would be their distribution house in Kegworth, Derbyshire, UK.

our approach

We held initial consultations with Cott Beverages, discussing some early concepts and ideas for how the film should look and function. We came up with the creative idea of focusing on a set of carbonated soft drink beverages and documenting their journey in the distribution house, from bare to fully secure, packaged and ready to hit store shelves. Unlike a lot of the long term projects we deal with on a day to day basis, this project only required us to implement a single on the ground day of filming with our experienced film crew. We opted to provide a three person strong film crew to ensure that we could provide excellent coverage over the course of the day. We worked closely with Cott Corporations to ensure that our film crew came to site on a day where all key machinery that would need to be featured in the film was being used, and thus could be filmed in action. Our film crew understood the need for creativity with this shoot and incorporated more Go Pro and Slow Motion Cameras into their filming arsenal, to ensure that they captured Cott’s exciting manufacturing and packaging processes from all angles.


After the filming process we put together various early drafts of the promotional film, receiving feedback from Cott Beverages as we moved through each draft, to ensure that the film we were producing was exactly to their specifications, culminating in a a film that they were exceptionally satisfied with. The film has since been used for promotional and advertising purposes among their clients and customers.



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