Colas Rail UK | Cambridge South


The Challenge

Produce a film covering the Cambridge South 2023 Christmas works for Colas Rail UK. The Cambridge South works are essentially a track remodel to make way for a new station coming in 2025. The new station will provide new transport links, connecting the Cambridge Biomedical Campus to destinations like London and Birmingham. The Biomedical Campus will house some 27,000 jobs by 2031 which will be accommodated by the new station infrastructure.

The film for Colas had to show the importance of the track remodelling works whilst conveying themes of sustainability and infrastructure support.

The Approach

We scheduled two filming shifts for the 26th and 29th of December to capture a variety a track and OLE works. We operated with mirrorless camera’s, GoPro’s and small timelapse units to record diverse footage. Furthermore, several drone flights took place for an aerial view of the work site and surrounding biomedical campus.

To convey the necessary themes for the video, we needed interviews from various stakeholders on the project. Interviews would be informative in regards to the project as well as providing context for the on screen works footage. On screen graphics can be a good substitute to provide context when interviews are not possible. We managed to record three different interviews. Usually 2 or more interviews is sufficient to provide am optimal level of context.

The Result

We began editing the video a few days after the completion of the project. We sent a draft off to Colas to get the ball rolling. They have a keen eye for the kind of video they want and the message it broadcasts, they are also meticulous with detail and usually require revisions and we are of course happy to oblige. After some back and forth of us sending different iterations and receiving feedback, we managed to carve out a film which encapsulated Colas’s desired motif’s. They were very pleased with the end result.


“It was great to collaborate with Inside Out Group on our Colas Rail UK and SRSA projects, from concept to delivery they provide an excellent, professional and prompt service. Having a production company with intricate knowledge of the rail and construction industry is invaluable in helping us bring these projects to life on film.”

Jason Eves – Marketing and Communications Manager, Colas Rail UK


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