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The Challenge

Curate a film for Amco Giffen’s full rail bridge replacement at Ashopton, Derbyshire. The project took place over a five day blockade. Amco giffen needed three of those days covered by filming to make sure they captured the full demolition and construction of the bridge. In addition, the work would be happening round the clock which posed another challenge.

The key visuals requested for capture were:

  • Ground excavation
  • Bridge demolition
  • Construction of the new bridge
  • Re-railing the bridge area
  • Shots of the finished site

The Approach

To capture both the day and night works, we selected a combination of timelapse cameras and on the ground filming shifts.

We booked two filming shifts in for the project. A single operative covered both of these shifts back to back. The first shift was the demolition and excavation of the bridge. The second covered the installation of the new bridge. During these shifts our operative used the Cannon R5 mirrorless camera to capture the details of the work. Furthermore, our operative made use of GoPro’s to capture small scale timelapse. The final piece of equipment used by our on the ground operative was the DJI mini 4 pro drone, which enabled the capture of sweeping aerial shots which convey the scope and scale of the works.

One of our engineers installed two timelapse cameras in advance of the work which rolled 24/7. The timelpase cameras captured the night works and the re-railing process once our operative had departed from site. Upon completion of the project, our timelapse engineer removed the cameras. During the removal process our engineer carried out a final drone flight to show the finished site.

The Result

We collected a great bank of footage to draw from for this edit. Our editor for this project also shot most of the video allowing for fast assembly of a first draft video. The variety of timelapse, GoPro, mirrorless camera shooting and drone helped break up the edit as well as improving viewer engagement.

Our editor fired away a first draft to Amco Giffen. They returned to us with only a few minor tweaks to the story of the video. An updated version was promptly sent back to Amco Giffen which they were thrilled with. The video has since been uploaded to their YouTube channel and LinkedIn page.

“I showed to the client yesterday and it was well received, that’s a wrap!”

Andrew Waterhouse – Contracts Manager – Amco Giffen


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