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We offer a range of long term time lapse solutions to capture your project, emphasising easy-to-use and innovative remote access for our clients. We run all our time lapse videos through unique post production processes, producing our own in house music and animation.

Our long term time lapse camera installations provide a cost-effective way to capture your project and visually showcase it to a wider audience. Our engineers are experienced in the installation of cameras in a variety of environments and we’re always striving to get the best viewpoint. Our long term time lapse cameras can be powered through a variety of ways including battery and solar power, and remain reliable for years at a time.

All images shot through our systems are securely transmitted to our offices, allowing you to use a secure client portal to view the most recent images and previous images from your project. Your unique client portal will also play automated videos of your project, displaying the last 24 hours, 30 days, or whatever time period you choose! Our long term time lapse cameras can also act as a site management tool, allowing you to monitor your project from desktop and mobile devices.

long term time lapse

We have a catalogue of case studies of projects, which have been confidently captured using our in-house built cameras. Due to their durable design, our time lapse systems often remain operational for years at a time, with minimal maintenance visits required. On rare occasions when there are camera issues, we’ll make contact with you on the same day to diagnose the problem (for example – power has been disconnected). If a problem persists – we’ll be there within 48 hours to fix it, free of charge if the fault is ours.

All our engineers are CSCS, IPAF, PASMA and First Aid at Work accredited and our management team are SSSTS qualified, ensuring we are always able to safely access construction and demolition projects.

As our cameras are engineered in house, we have a range of methods to install in a variety of settings, for example on walls, scaffold, flat roofs etc. We also engineer custom units if required for specific needs, such as.

  • Battery backup
  • Off grid solar power
  • Large lighting columns
  • Temporarily mounted in MEWPs

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Utilising our PTS, CSCS, IPAF and PASMA engineers, we can gain access to sites safely and with minimal disruption to your work. Our clients really trust us to showcase their challenging projects, and we can’t wait to showcase yours!